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Top 5 Security Benefits of Shredding Documents


If you’ve ever walked into a business and noticed unlocked filing cabinets lining the walls or boxes filled to the brim with paper, you’ve seen a major security risk.

Maybe the above describes your own company perfectly–and if it does, that’s a problem.

Shredding documents can free you from some liability, extra costs, and maybe even gain your company a few new clients. Keep reading to find out how!

Environmentally Friendly

When you shred documents and then recycle them, you can limit your contribution to local landfills. Recycling shredded documents will leave room for other items that can’t be reused or re-purposed. Not to mention, shredded paper takes up less space than paper does normally. This means that the trash doesn’t need to be discarded as frequently.

Recycling shredded documents can also prevent trees from being used in other paper products all while knowing that personal information is safe.

Being environmentally friendly is good business. However, being environmentally friendly and keeping customer information secure is even better! By being an environmentally responsible and data-secure company, you may be sure to attract more business.

Privacy Compliance

It’s no secret that identity theft is on the rise and that it can occur with very little data. In fact, there were 16.7 million victims of this crime in the United States in 2017!

Even if your business is not regulated by a governing agency, the last thing you want is to be responsible for the identity theft of a client. A name and address in the wrong hands are all it takes for someone’s life to be ruined.

Shredding Documents Reduces Storage Costs

Many offices are switching to electronic filing systems. These make it easier to locate documents and only allow the right people to access them.

Most companies don’t know what to do with the old files, so they stick them in a storage unit. These documents will never see the light of day and their only purpose will be to add an extra bill in the way of storage.

This isn’t cost-effective or secure as storage units are broken into often.

Do-It-Yourself Shredding

There are plenty of companies offering shredding services. They promise great things but rarely come through on all of them.

Probably the biggest promise they sell people on is the fact that their service is more secure and less expensive than shredding documents yourself.

There is no replacement for the peace of mind in shredding sensitive information yourself. You know exactly how finely the paper has been shredded and can ensure it wasn’t ever in the wrong hands.

As far as being low-cost financially and time-wise, this isn’t quite the truth either. With a commercial shredder, the job will be quick, easy, and professional.

Trade Secrets

Maybe your company has a secret business plan with major strategies listed. It’s possible you have a recipe or a new invention.

What if these plans are scrapped? Throwing them away for anyone to see isn’t the best idea, especially if there is strong competition in your market.

Getting rid of these documents should be done in the most secure manner possible–and that is shredding.

Peace of Mind

No matter your what your reasoning is for shredding documents, privacy should always be at the forefront of your mind.

Having this procedure in place protects your clients and customers, your business, and even your employees. Aside from protection, it’s good common sense.

Being environmentally friendly and saving costs always make you look great to the boss. So, when you’re ready for a commercial shredder, check us out!


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