The Top 3 Most Portable Hard Drive Destroyers

The Top 3 Most Portable Hard Drive Destroyers

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Hard Drive Destruction Equipment For The Traveller

Do you take your data destruction service on the go or need to destroy top-secret information on-location.

It can be hard to find a reliable device that will destroy hard drives and be light enough to carry in and out of a building.

Another factor that you may not have considered is having access to an electrical outlet when you are traveling. 

In this article, we have included data destruction equipment that is portable and able to operate without electricity and can get the job done in any environment!


Nothing Beats The Portability Of A Degaussing Wand

If you are looking for an NSA listed degausser that can fit in the palm of your hand, then we recommend the Proton 1100 Degaussing wand.

A degausser wand is a simple tool to use to guarantee complete drive erasure.

The Proton 1100 has a handle with a hard drive eraser magnet at the end.

When the eraser magnet contacts the hard drive platters, it will wipe the hard drive of its binary code.

A degausser wand is not the quickest way to degauss a hard drive though.

It is necessary to remove the hard drive’s external casing to reveal the platters for the degaussing process.

One benefit of this device is that it has the best priced hard drive degausser and is NSA listed.


The Most Portable Hard Drive Crusher Ever

A portable and reliable HD crusher is hard to come by on the market.

Most HD crushing units are extremely heavy and not meant for people to carry around.

I’m not saying that our crusher is the easiest machine to carry, but at 63 pounds with a handle at the top, it is made to be transported.

The Datastroyer ACD-HS Automatic Crusher is a hybrid electric and manual device. We recommend this unit for destroying top secret info and note that this unit is an NSA listed crusher.

You can choose to either plug it into the wall for automatic hard drive crushing at the touch of a button, or you can use the manual crank if you don’t have access to an electrical outlet.


Should I Use A Degausser And A Hard Drive Crusher?

Well… technically speaking, a degausser should wipe a hard drive completely.

Degaussers can be less expensive than a hard drive crusher or hard drive shredder.

The NSA refers to degaussing machines as 1st stage drive destruction equipment, whereas HD crushers and HD shredders are considered 2nd stage hard drive destruction devices.

To help with compliance, it is often recommended to involve both the 1st stage and 2nd stage drive destruction methods.


Our Portable But Fully Electric Degausser Unit

The Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Drawer Degausser makes it to the list because of its ease of use, and the fact that it only weighs 48 pounds!

This device is fully electric and requires a power outlet, but it will sanitize a hard drive quickly and give you a gauss reading for the electromagnetic pulse.

The Datastroyer 105 Drawer Degausser is a very professional unit that is practically the size of a shoebox. 

It may be more expensive than a degausser wand, but you get what you pay for!

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