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Shredder Oil: A Necessary Investment


Identity theft across the world is on the rise, with over 15 million Americans having their identity stolen in 2016.

Unfortunately, we have to be increasingly vigilant in how we dispose of sensitive information. If it gets into the wrong hands, they can wreak havoc on your finances, credit score, or may even threaten your business or client data.

Whether you have sensitive documents or media files, the only real way to have peace of mind is to have them shredded beyond recognition. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of purchasing a new device and then forgetting to properly maintain it.

Keep reading to learn why it’s important to keep your shredder properly maintained with shredder oil.

What is Shredder Oil?

Shredder oil is a substance that can either be water or petroleum-based and is used to lubricate your cutting cylinders within a paper shredder.

Shredder oil is essential to the regular maintenance of almost every shredder. The oil extends the life of your shredder by keeping it running smoothly and clearing potential buildup.

Business and commercial paper shredders typically rely on petroleum-based oil. Some commercial shredders have an automatic oiling system, where you simply refill the container and the machine oils itself. More commonly, a shredder may require manual upkeep and you’ll have to oil it yourself.

Generally, you’ll want to stick to shredder oil that is approved by the manufacturer of your paper shredder.

Do I Need Shredder Oil?

Generally, yes. You’ll especially need to invest in shredder oil if your office uses cross-cutting blades. The oil is essential to prevent friction and keep things running smoothly, but you’ll want to check the maintenance instructions on your shredder.

Some issues that may arise if you don’t use shredder oil include:

  • The machine will shred fewer sheets of paper
  • The shredding process will take longer and be more difficult
  • The shredder will jam more
  • Higher costs due to servicing the machine more often
  • Possibly negating manufacturer warranty

How Do I Manually Oil a Shredder?

There are several ways to oil your paper shredder, but here is the easiest way:

  1. Lay one sheet of A4 paper onto a flat surface, like a table
  2. Use shredder oil to draw a zig-zag pattern onto the paper, running all the way to the ends of the sheet. Be sure to not over-saturate the paper!
  3. Run the oiled piece of paper through your paper shredder
  4. Run several extra sheets through the shredder (this will absorb excess oil)

In an office setting, a paper shredder will likely need to be oiled several times a week.

The Bottom Line

Your shredder is an important office tool to help protect your business, clients, and identity. It’s important to keep your shredder running by regularly using shredder oil to keep the blades in great shape.

For more information on paper shredding and how to protect your company’s sensitive documents, visit our blog today.


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