how to oil a paper shredder

Shred Away Worries: How to Oil a Paper Shredder Properly

If you own a business, chances are you have an expensive shredder. While many new shredders come with automatic oiling options, some simply don’t have this feature.

If the latter scenario applies to you, it’s important you know how to oil a paper shredder.

There are many methods. We’ll show you the proper way here so that your expensive machine doesn’t go to waste.

Why Should I Bother?

Oiling a paper shredder is very important because it extends the life of the shredder, especially for crosscutting blades. Did you know that a crosscut shredder should be oiled every 30 minutes of use?

Because the system heats so much, oil is necessary to keep everything lubricated. Further, it helps prevent the blades from dulling.

How Often?

Always read the instruction manual to determine how often you should apply oil to your shredder. Different types require different frequencies.

Some shredders require oil every 15 minutes of use while others may not require it for much longer. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended you oil your shredder every 75 to 100 sheets.

How to Oil a Paper Shredder

There are two easy methods to manually oil your paper shredder. They take hardly any time at all and they’ll keep your shredder running smoothly.

We’ll show you the right ways here!

Method One

The first method involves putting the shredder in reverse mode. Grab your handy bottle of oil and pop your shredder into reverse. Let it run for about 10 seconds to clear out any jammed paper.

Next, carefully apply the oil to the blades. Do this while the machine is running in reverse and let it continue for about 10 more seconds.

Finally, it’s time to run some paper through the machine. Turn the setting to automatic and feed two to three sheets of paper through it. Doing this will soak up any excess oil.

Turn the machine off, discard the paper and clean the bin with a damp cloth to remove any oil that may have drizzled through.

Method Two

The second method requires “oiling” a piece of paper.

Select a regular sheet of paper and apply the oil to it in a zigzag pattern. Do not completely soak the sheet in oil.

Turn on your shredder and set it to “automatic.” Feed it the lubricated piece of paper. Next, run two to three dry pieces of paper through the machine.

Turn off the shredder, place the shredded paper into the recycling bin and remove any excess oil from the shredder’s bin.


Go Shred-Happy!

You’ve successfully learned how to oil a paper shredder. You can shred to your heart’s content!

However, now you might be wondering what type of oil to use. In older machines, substituting canola oil was possible, but newer machines require specific blends catered directly to your shredder model.

Browse our selection of shredder oils today and find the right product for your business’s shredder. We guarantee it will extend the life of your machine, keeping both your and your clients’ documents safe.

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