Proton T-4 Degausser Review

A Powerful and Convenient Degausser

The Proton T-4 degausser is one of the strongest degaussers on the market because of its patented reverse polarity technology.

How does this degausser work?

This unit plugs into any standard wall outlet. The T-4 has dual voltage so it is able to operate anywhere in the world. Simply take a hard drive or tape, place it in the opening, press the start button and it drops into the chamber.  Afterwards there will be two pulses, the first pulse is a positive, 20,000 gauss field. The next pulse is a negative 20,000 gauss field. This patented reverse polarity technology creates the highest field saturation available.

The use of positive and negative forces guarantees media is degaussed in other words forensically unrecoverable. The Proton T-4 degausser meets NSA and DoD specs for top-secret classified data. The start of the degaussing cycle the hard drive will drop down the ejection chute followed by media fall directly into the bin.

The benefits of this degausser

You’ll see that with the T-4 degausser, there’s no need to open and close a drawer for every degaussing cycle like with some of the competitors. This can save you a lot of time if you have a large volume of hard drives or tapes.  Next, place the erased and sanitized label on erased hard drive, mark it for safe recycling or send it to be physically destroyed or shredded.

As an added safeguard the T-4 has internal sensors that measure the field strength of each and every cycle and reports to the operator on the blue LCD screen. It’ll report both positive and negative pulses so that you see the bi-directional field. This ensures that your degausser is working to NSA specs on each and every cycle. This degausser also has a digital cycle counter to help you keep track of your degaussing process.

In closing…

The Proton T-4 will erase all magnetic media available today, including new SMR technology. This degausser won’t be outdated for new data-storage technology, it is designed to last well into the future.


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