Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike

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Features include:

  • Crushing plates with 187 interlocking razor-sharp hardened steel teeth deliver 20 tons of destructive force to puncture, macerate and distort media from both sides
  • Fully automated, hands-free operation
  • Portable size, easy to transport and put on the desktop
  • Powerful electric jolt that disables sensitive electronic components
  • Plates never need replacing – no blades to be sharpened or replaced
  • Speedy but quality media destruction in less than half a minute
  • Pull-out debris collection bin allows for easy disposal
  • CE approved
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Maximum Media Size 5.75″ x 4″ x 1.25″
Destruction Chamber Capacity 1 full size SSD, 2 laptop SSDs
Designed to destroy

SSDs, cell phones, circuit boards, PDAs, memory cards
Power/Amps: 120 VAC 13A/ 240VAC 7A
Dimensions 16″ H x 22.5″ L x 9.75″ W
Weight (lbs.) 135 lbs.

The Datastroyer MVSSD-Spike is especially designed to ensure proper solid state drive destruction. In addition to the destructive 20 ton (40,000 lbs)force on the two crushing plates with 187 razor-sharp interlocking points, the MVSSD-Spike uses an electric jolt to complete total destruction by destroying all electric components of solid state drives. No data is spared in this fast (30 sec) and automated process. The MVSSD-Spike provides an easy hands-free operation and a high quality performance. In a convenient desktop size, the MVSSD-Spike provides security and high quality destruction at the push of a button for optimal data destruction and protection.


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