Datastroyer MVSSD-2

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Features include:

  • Portable size, easy to transport and put on the desktop
  • Unbeatable 40,000 lbs (20t) force in this hydraulic crusher
  • Crush and mangle media with ease, making data completely unreadable
  • Speedy but quality media destruction in less than half a minute
  • Simplistic, automatic and hands-free operation
  • Debris collection drawer collects destroyed digital media safely
  • CE approved
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Maximum Media Size 5.75″ x 4″ x 1.25″
Destruction Chamber Capacity 1 full size SSD, 2 laptop SSDs
Designed to destroy SSDs, cell phones, circuit boards, PDAs
Power/Amps: 120 VAC 15A
Dimensions 22″ L x 15″ W x 30″ H
Weight (lbs.) 185 lbs.

The Datastroyer MVSSD-2 uses an incredible 20 ton (40,000 lbs) force of proprietary hydraulic power to destroy solid state drives beyond recovery. Everything from the surface to ceramic memory chips are mangled and crushed at the push of a button. Debris is safely ejected into a collection bin, and users can recycle or throw out the debris safely without coming into direct contact with potentially dangerous waste. The MVSSD-2 is fully automated with lock-out doors to prevent any injuries to the user. And because there are no blades, there is no need for sharpening or parts replacement. The hardened steel plates are built to last so high quality destruction is guaranteed.

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