Datastroyer DCS-600F Office Disintegrator


Features include:

  • Media feed slot for destruction of: CDs, DVDs, keytape, credit cards, memory sticks, ID cards, cassettes, floppy disks, microfilm, etc.
  • Dual phase operation with paper shredder for preshred capability
  • One-Micron Filter System for return-to-room air filtration.
  • Optional Feed Rate Meter for maximum operational capacity
  • Optional Whitaker XtracteR
  • Residue collection viewport
  • Preshredding capability
  • Includes Heavy Duty Fan Cyclone
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Destruction Type Disintegration
Screen Size 3/32″

9.5″ paper shredder2″ x 9″ media feed slot
Throughput* 100 lbs/hr
Media 3,500 CDs & DVDs per hour
Motor (hp) 2 HP / 5 HP @ peak
Knives 3 Rotating / 2 Bed
Power 220V/1 Ph/50-60 Hz or115V/1 Ph/50-60 Hz w/ 30 amp line
Collection Internal Vac. (55 gal.)
Weight 699 lbs. (shipping)
Dimensions 42-1/2″H x 48″W x 28″D(+30″ for micron filter)

The Datastroyer DCS-600 disintegrator is able to obliterate CDs, DVDs, credit cards, cassettes, keytape, ID cards, microfilm, floppy disks, memory sticks, and more as they pass through a 3/32” screen to meet level 6 standards. With the optional Whitaker XtracteR, users do not have to worry about removing metal clips as the machine is able to remove them. The dual phase operation includes a 9.5” paper shredder and a 2” x 9” media feed slot. Having a one-micron filter system on this D.O.D approved disintegrator allows for return-to-room air filtration and no dust. The feed rate meter lets users monitor the operational capacity of the unit. This disintegrator has a throughput of 100 lbs/hr and can process media at 3,500 CDs or DVDs per hour. If you are looking for the ultimate, heavy-duty, high security office disintegrator, then the Datastroyer DCS-600 is the right fit.

* Please note, capacity varies with grain, size, quality & paper weight and sufficient power supply.

Video of the Datastroyer DCS 600F

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