Datastroyer DCS 300 Office Disintegrator


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Features include:

  • Media feed slot for destruction of: CDs, DVDs, keytape, credit cards, memory sticks, ID cards, cassettes, floppy disks, microfilm, etc.
  • Dual phase operation with paper shredder for preshred capability
  • Quiet operation with 80-85 dBA rating.
  • Optional Feed Rate Meter for maximum operational capacity
  • Heavy duty casters / lightweight and compact design
  • Includes vacuum system
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Destruction Type Disintegration
Screen Size 3/32″

9.5″ paper shredder2″ x 9″ media feed slot
Throughput* 100 lbs/hr DoD
Media 3,500 CDs & DVDs per hour
Motor (hp) 2 HP / 5 HP @ peak
Knives 3 Rotating / 2 Bed
Power 220V(20 Amp) or 115 V(30 Amp) /1 Ph / 50 Hz
Collection 30 Gal. Evac System
Weight 550 lbs. (shipping)
Dimensions 46 3/8″H x 23 7/8″W x 28″D

The Datastroyer DCS-300 office disintegrator features both a paper shred slot and a media slot for the disintegration of CDs, DVDs, credit cards and more. This disintegrator is NSA approved for level 6 shredding and has a throughput of 100 lbs/hour DoD. It features quiet operation, casters for mobility, dual phase operation, and a 3/32” screen.

 The Datastroyer DCS-300 comes equipped with dual phase operation with a paper shredder for pre-shred capabilities. This disintegrator is able to destroy CDs, DVDs, keytape, cassettes, floppy disks, credit cards, ID badges, memory sticks, microfilm, and other similar data storage items. It can process up to 3,500 CDs and DVDs per hour and has a throughout up of 100 lbs/hr DoD. It has a 9.5” W paper opening and a 2” x 9” media slot for shredding, along with a 3/32” screen to ensure level 6 disintegration. The unit is an enclosed cabinet to maintain quiet operation and is located on casters to make movement simple. Through its dual phase operation with pre-shred capabilities, 3/32” screen, and more, the DCS 300 is perfect for any level 6, high security office disintegration needs. The Datastroyer DCS-300 meets NSA/CSS specification 02-04 for optical media.

* Please note, capacity varies with grain, size, quality & paper weight and sufficient power supply.



Video of the DCS300 Disintegrator

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