105 Hard Drive Degausser – NSA Approved


GSA Price Available


Features include:

  • Utilizes advanced, patent-pending EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) technology
  • The Datastroyer 105 produces a bi-directional field which provides a 20,000 Gauss positive field and a 20,000 Gauss negative field. Ensures that current and future higher coercivity media sanitization requirements will be met.
  • APPROVED for degaussing of CLASSIFIED hard drive media up to 5,000 Oe and tape media up to 2,800 Oe
  • Automatic on/off operation, simply insert media into chamber and push start button
  • Lightweight and perfect for tabletop or floor operation
  • Made in the USA
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Magnetic Field Intensity Up to 5,000 Oe
Magnetic Flux Density 20,000 Gauss positive and 20,000 Gauss negative
Erasure Cycle Time

45 – 60 seconds
Power/Amps: Dual voltage – 110v and 220v
Erasure Capibilities Disk: L-5000 Oe (longitudinal)P-5000 Oe (perpendicular)Tape: 2800 Oe
Duty Cycle Continous
Weight (lbs.) 128 lbs.
Dimensions 19″H x 10″W x 26″D

Degaussing is the perferred method of destroying information on hard drives because the data becomes forensically irricoverable. Because of the growing amount of information we store on hard drives we have made the Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Degausser the most powerful NSA Approved Degausser on the market.


Video of the Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Degausser

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