Open Rotor Disintegrators

Open Rotor Summary

At Whitaker Brothers Business Machines, Inc. we provide the Datastroyer Disintegrator Systems. Utilize an Open Rotor System in our design. Efficient and effective disintegrator systems rely on the volume of airflow through the cutting chamber created by the evacuation system. This is where our Open Rotor designs become key.

Whitaker Brothers Datastroyer Disintegrators Open Rotor design is measurably more effective and allows the evacuation system to operate more efficiently. The Open Rotor design allows the air to flow freely through the cutting chamber. Making it more efficiently pulls material into the cutting area and through the screen. Open Rotor designs are quieter and create less heat buildup in the cutting chamber due to the increased airflow. Disintegrator manufacturers are in the process of migrating to the Open Rotor design. The plastics industry is using the Open Rotor exclusively due to the advantages of less heat and noise.
Solid rotor systems have a tendency to block the airflow and therefore reduce the effectiveness of the overall system. Solid rotor systems create high levels of vibration which in turn increases the noise levels in the operating area and produces much more heat within the system. They are more difficult to maintain and accessibility to important areas of the system is hindered due to the design.
At Whitaker Brothers, we believe in looking to the future by creating a design in disintegrator systems that provides our customers with the best value, best productivity and the peace of mind that comes with a quality design as found in our Datastroyer Disintegrator Systems.
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