Internet Shredder Buying

When online shopping for a shredder isn’t it funny how everything is rated “Heavy Duty”? The word has almost lost all meaning from a marketing standpoint since it’s been plastered on everything that finds it’s way to the internet. I’m looking at a unit right now from a manufacturer who will remain nameless, that suspends itself over a trashcan, labeled Heavy Duty.

In this day and age we all have a degree from Google University. I can be a doctor and diagnose an illnesses if you just give me 30 minutes. I can become a mechanic and explain a weird engine noise in about the same amount of time. And I can become a world class chef in 10 minutes by reading up one of Bobby Flay’s recipes.

But there is a tendency to get overconfident in our abilities to become self-taught experts. And many times that information is being fed to us by marketing departments and not real professionals. It’s not hard to see why programs like the Acai Berry program, the ShamWOW or the SlapChop actually fool legitimately intelligent people into buying them.

Where am I going with all of this? As much time and effort as we put into our website to make it informative and helpful. There won’t be a replacement for picking up the phone to talk to a real person about your shredding needs. You can try to be a Google expert on paper shredders, or use our 65 years of experience for five minutes to guarantee a smart purchase. I’m here to help.

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