I’m looking for a heavy duty shredder, my budget is $300

Then buy a pair of scissors.

Shredders are manufacturerd in two places in the world: China and Germany. The Germans actually invented the shredder and to this day, still manufacture the most durable systems available. China attempts to manufacture the least expensive machine made entirely out of plastic that is still capable of functioning and sell it for 1/3rd of the price. If you visit office product “superstores,” you will certainly see them. Typically the price is under $400 and they’re sold off a shelf.

These shredders can boast very impressive sheet counts leading customers to believe that they are in fact “Heavy Duty”. But what’s funny is that their motors can only tolerate the sheet capacity that they’re rated at for a couple minutes before you need a cool-down period. Isn’t that nice, a shredder that gets tired. The lifespan of a plastic shredder is typically about one year before the consumer runs out to buy another one. Nobody seems to mind – but only because they don’t know any better.

A real commercial grade shredder made in Germany should last over ten years with proper care. They’ll never overheat, they won’t suffer an irrepairable jam, and they have legitimate waste capacities that allow for lots of shredding. The Datastroyer lineup is comprised primarily of metal parts which aren’t designed to self destruct after one year. I have a motto: If I sell you the right shredder, I’ll never ever hear from you again. And it’s true! Most of the paper shredding systems I’ve sold actually outlast the tenure of the employee who made the decision to buy it. THAT is durability. THAT is a Datastroyer shredder.

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