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Erasing Data: How Does a Hard Drive Degausser Work?

All businesses have sensitive data, whether it is in regards to the company itself, its clients or third parties. But what do you do when that data is no longer needed? How can you ensure it will never see the light of day again?

The solution is a hard drive degausser.

We’ll explain all about degaussers here to put your mind at ease so you won’t ever have to worry about data leaks again.

What Is It?

A hard drive degausser is a type of equipment that destroys information stored on computer hard drives. It’s so effective the National Security Agency uses it for some of its data.

These hard drives are measured in units of gauss or oersteds. An oersted is simply a measurement of a magnetic field. The higher the oersted rating, the harder information is to erase.

However, in order to understand how degaussing works, you must first understand how a computer stores memory.

Computer Memory

A computer stores information on its hard drive. Specifically, data is recorded on a magnetic disk layered with glass or high-precision aluminum. This platter also contains a layer of chromium dioxide or iron oxide, which contain magnetic properties.

On this hard disk, information is in very small magnetic domains arranged in specific ways to record information; if this pattern changes, it destroys all data. Not all data stays here to avoid slowing computers down, but if you destroy a hard drive, all the computer’s information will be erased.

How a Hard Drive Degausser Works

It’s the hard drive degausser’s job to eliminate that memory so that no one can ever access it again. It does this by utilizing the very thing information is stored on: magnets.

Because a hard drive retains information only if the magnetic patterns remain precise, a degausser works to scramble them. It blasts alternating powerful magnetical fields into the hard drive, randomizes the pattern.

By the time the degausser is finished, all information is deleted permanently. It can never be recovered.


Since the entire procedure uses magnetics, a common misconception is that all one needs to destroy a computer is a semi-powerful magnet. However, standard magnets do not hold the same power as industrial ones. Even if you managed to harm a computer with a magnet, the information may still be recoverable.

After a degausser’s job is complete, the computer’s hard drive can never be reused.

Before purchasing a degausser, consumers should be aware every model is not approved for official use. Further, the NSA suggests shredding hard drives after degaussing simply as a means to double check all data is irretrievable. Be sure to comply with any regulations.


If your business has sensitive data or official records, a hard drive degausser will save you from future headaches about data destruction. They are easy to use, convenient and effective.

Browse our degaussers today to find the perfect match for your company. And if you’re in the business of secrets, keep in mind our 105 Hard Drive Degausser is NSA approved.

After you’ve used it, you can consider every parcel of information erased forever.

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