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Why a DVD Shredder is the Best For Data Destruction


As you’ve probably noticed, many fields are moving away from paper copies of reports and files. Nowadays receipts are now being emailed, documents can be electronically signed, and physically filing is becoming obsolete. With all of this electronic data, this, in turn, means that you’re likely storing data on hard drives, CDs and DVDs far more frequently. Or perhaps you’ve decided to switch credit or debit cards and have no further use for your old ones.

These items are great to have because water damage is never a problem and they are an environmentally friendly alternative to paper copies as they are reusable and last longer. However, the problem with these plastic items is that they are somewhat difficult to destroy. Leading to your personal, financial, business information be leaked or stolen.

Keep reading for why you should have a DVD shredder to ensure your privacy and safety!

Destroying Sensitive Information

Getting rid of CDs and DVDs with sensitive information on it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Some say to break it, scratch it, or even worse, microwave it.

No matter which of these methods are used, you don’t want to risk damaging your computer to ensure everything was erased. With the methods above, there still isn’t a sure way to tell whether the data was fully destroyed.

This is where a DVD shredder comes in. This high-quality shredder will be sure that the disc is never usable or readable again.

Using our NSA tested shredders prevents the dangers of toxic fumes from the microwave, cuts on your hands from breaking the plastic and the fine dust that gets everywhere when trying to remove the metallic side.

A DVD Shredder for Credit & Bank Cards

There is nothing more infuriating than to get a new financial card, attempt to use it and have it decline. Especially after it’s been newly activated and you have a high certainty that there are funds on it! If you’ve been in this position, or have had a near miss with identity theft, you can understand the importance of shredding your credit and bank cards.

It’s also important to note that your name and card number aren’t the only things you’re seeking to destroy. On the back of a credit card, the metal strip on the back should be taken care of. Either you can do this yourself with a strong magnet or with a high-quality, heavy-duty shredder, it will be taken care of!

Think Twice Before Tossing

Even if you do understand the need for data security and take every precaution, there’s still a good chance your personal information is being tossed without realization.

Sometimes hard facts make you realize the necessity of security. A DVD can hold 350,000 pages of information, and 1 in 16 adults were victims of identity theft in 2016.

These are some scary and very bold numbers. Your personal, financial, and company security depend on the ability to keep data secure. Purchasing a DVD shredder will rid you of old DVDs and offer high security office data destruction.

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