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Don’t Believe These Myths About Data Security

The Problem With Data Security

Every month on the news and there’s another story about a data breach or millions of people’s sensitive information being exposed. 

Part of the reason this keeps on happening is that companies are struggling to keep up with real ways to sanitize data and protect consumers.

Collectively, our culture takes large leaps with technology, but we are practically at a crawling pace when it comes to security.

In addition,  the problem with the topic of data security is people are uninformed. Above all, there ways that criminals can retrieve data from hardware or online.

Let’s analyze this:


“If I use a software to erase data on my hard drive it is permanently deleted.”

Hard drives create an interesting challenge for us when we want to erase and fully sanitize the data from them. 

Even if you use software to wipe your drive, the magnetic platters in your hard drive still retain the data.

Magnetic media stores binary code which can’t be removed unless the hard drive platters are demagnetized.

Let’s analyze this:


“If I hammer or drill a hole through the hard drive, nobody can retrieve data from it.”

This myth is false. 

For instance, there have been many cases where the government has been able to retrieve data from damaged hard drives.

However, it remains that a hard drive must be demagnetized to guarantee the hard drive is wiped clean.

The Solution That Nobody Talks About

Hard drives must be properly demagnetized otherwise criminals will still be able to retrieve data from them easily.  

Let’s answer some questions about destroying data:

What is Degaussing?

Degaussing is a method of data destruction used for wiping hard drives by removing or neutralizing a magnetic field(data). Degaussing can be accomplished by using a handheld degaussing wand or by using a full-sized degausser machine.

Here is a video from Proton Data Security that explains the meaning of degaussing:

Where Can You Get an NSA Listed Degausser?

You can find a variety of NSA listed degaussers at Whitaker Brothers sells Datastroyer and Proton Data Security products that meet NSA approval. 

If you are trying to find a degausser on a budget, check out our article:

The Most Affordable Way to Degauss a Hard Drive

Should you stop at Degaussing?

If you are destroying classified or top secret data, then there is the second stage of destruction that you should employ to guarantee the destruction of confidential information. Degaussing is a first stage method of destruction. The second stage of hard drive destruction is to warp and crush the hard drive as a second measure to destroy the hard drive.

What is Second Stage Hard Drive Destruction?

Second stage hard drive destruction ensures that hard drives are warped and crushed. The warping and crushing process will make your hard drive unusable. If you want to be absolutely positive that classified or sensitive data is unrecoverable, then it is imperative to take a hard drive through the second stage of destruction.

The best way to accomplish second stage drive destruction is by using a hard drive crusher.

How to use a Hard Drive Crusher

Datastroyer ACD

Datastroyer’s ACD-HS Automatic Hard Drive Crusher is extremely easy to use and has a non-electric manual operation mode in case there is no electrical outlet. 

Automatic use involves placing the hard drive inside the machine’s door and pressing a button. 

The manual option is easy to use, for instance, all it takes is turning a hand crank until the hard drive is bent at a 90-degree angle.

Here is a quick demo on how to use a hard drive crushing machine:

Crush Solid State Drives Too

solid state drive

The Datastroyer ACD-HS has an additional solid state drive insert. You can use this machine to crush both hard drives and SSD’s quickly making this machine an affordable and flexible choice for destroying data in your organization.

Keep Your Organization Safe

Don’t compromise when it comes to the safety of your organization’s data or the data of your customers. Physical data destruction is the best way to ensure that your information is safe. Destroying data within the walls of your organization ensures that your data is being disposed properly. 

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