Degaussers vs Hard Drive Shredders the Pros and Cons

What are Degaussers?

Degaussers are devices that erase data from hard drives by using a magnetic field. For example, when hard drives are physically destroyed, there is no guarantee the data is also destroyed. Using a degausser is the best method to be certain data on a hard drive is erased.

Types of Degaussers we sell:

105 Hard Drive Degausser 

  • Erasure cycle of 45-60 seconds
  • Magnetic field density up to 5,000 oe
  • NSA Approved

Erasing Wand

  • Wipe hard drives to forensically irrecoverable state
  • Sanitize 14″ disk packs by placing the paddle between the disks & rotating the disk pack
  • NSA Approved
  • 5.5 oz

105 Hard Drive Drawer

  • Erasure cycle of 5 seconds
  • 48 lbs
  • Provides compliance under FACTA, HIPAA, GLB, DPA, etc.
  • Meets data sanitization standards set by NIST and the US Department of Defense

What are Hard Drive Shredders?

The leading cause of data breaches is due to the inadequate destruction of data and drives. Media storage can leave behind undamaged surfaces and internals intact, leaving a greater possibility of data recovery. Minimally destroyed hard drives are targeted by data pirates, complete destruction is the key to protecting sensitive information and preventing theft. For instance , the hard drive shredders we sell are MVHD-1, MVHD-1C and the MVHD-2’s crushing plates destroy the vulnerable platters, and eject debris within a minute. With up to 40,000 lbs of force into the drive, crushing drives into 7-10 pieces.

Comparing the two products

Shredding the drives does not guarantee that the data is completely wiped off. However, degaussers can’t shred the drives into pieces, but it can guarantee data to be completely wiped off. In conclusion, all above both products fulfill the same end goal of destroying hard drives.

If you are interested in purchasing or would like more information on eliminating data stored on media such as computers and hard drives, check this link to our main page for degaussers products and for hard drive destroyers products

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