Degaussers vs Hard Drive Shredders the Pros and Cons

What is Degaussing?
So, what degaussing does is disrupts or destroys the magnetic field on a hard drive. The hard drive is where the information is being stored. Information that is on magnetic media is a popular and very common way to store data. Magnetic media is any storage medium that utilizes magnetic patterns to represent information is considered magnetic media. A few examples of magnetic media and magnetic storage include a tap drive, floppy diskette, and hard drive. Magnetic media and this approach have been around for decades. Magnetic media has a magnetic property that will store all the information, when the magnetic feature is disrupted, the data that has been stored on the device will not be able to read. This is process is referred to as degaussing.
· Degaussing hard drives is an effective way to keep your data secure
· Degaussing is perfect if you don’t plan on reusing or donating old hard drives
· Degaussing is a process that isn’t full proof. It can only be on magnetic media, and there is no way to guarantee that a degaussing machine is strong enough to destroy all the data on every hard drive

· One thing that you must be aware of is the fact that degaussing doesn’t allow the reporting of the erasure process, which is necessary to provide complianceS

Datastroyer 105 degausser
Degausser the machine used to crush hard drives.


· It can be argued that degaussing or wiping hard drives is no longer an acceptable method for complete, secure destruction of stored data
Hard Drive Shredders
If there is one thing that companies and businesses strive to do in terms of protecting themselves, it would have to be protecting their sensitive information at all costs. Hard drive shredding allows companies to witness the data as it’s destroyed for added peace of mind.
· The shredding service is quiet, quick, and completely secure and can be used for hard drives, smartphones, backup tapes, thumb drives and other storage data devices
· There are micro shredders that go beyond traditional shredding and can pulverize devices into 2MM e-crumbs
· If these shredding services occur at a client’s location it enables their personnel to witness the process take place, thus maintaining the highest level of security and eliminating any chain of custody dilemmas
· Shredding drives doesn’t always lead to chunks small enough that you can extract data from them
· Some parts of a drive that stores data may pass through unaffected. This applies to Solid State Drives where data is stored on chips that are sometimes small enough to pass through the grinder
· Electronic waste contains metals that can be toxic and hazardous to a person’s health
Overall both products accomplish the same goal which is destroying hard drives in some form whether it be crushing or shredding. It comes down to a company’s preference at the end of the day.

If you’re interested in the process of reducing or eliminating an unwanted magnetic field stored on tape and disk media such as computer and hard drives, check this link that will take you to our main page for degaussers.

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