What is a degaussing?

Degaussing is the process of using a degausser to eliminate a magnetic field. Hard drive degaussing completely wipes the data from a hard drive.

What is a degausser?

A degausser is a machine that uses an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to demagnetize and render a hard drive unusable.

How long does it take to degauss a hard drive?

Most hard drive degaussers take a minute or less to degauss a hard drive. The fastest hard drive degaussers can degauss a drive in under 30 seconds.

Why should you use a degausser instead of a shredder or crusher?

A degausser that reads the measurement of the gauss pulse is a sure fire way to know that everything is erased on a hard drive. Shredding or crushing a hard drive doesn’t remove the data, it just makes the data very hard to retrieve.

Does a degausser work on SSD drives?

No. A degausser is only effective on magnetic media. SSD drives are a form of flash media.

What's the best tool to destroy a solid state drive?

A solid state crusher is the best tool to destroy a solid state drive. Using a crusher that creates many punctures is the best way to securely destroy a solid state drive.

Are there any drawbacks with hard drive shredders?

Yes. A hard drive shredder has many teeth and mechanisms that could be a future cause for a repair. A degausser is nearly impossible to break with usage.

Are there different types of hard drive degaussers?

Yes. There are handheld magnetic degausser wands and there are machines that you can insert hard drives into to erase them.

What is an NSA listed deagausser?

An NSA-listed degausser is a degausser that has enough power to degauss a hard drive to NSA specifications. NSA-listed degaussers have a higher gauss charge than normal degaussers.

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