Datastoyer’s Entry Level Degausser

Datastoyer’s Entry Level Degausser

Intro: About Our Degausser

Our most entry-level degausser is the Datastroyer model 105 Hard Drive Drawer Degausser built for speed and efficiency. The model 105 Hard Drive Degausser blasts a hard drive with 15,000 gauss of magnetic energy. This renders hard drives unusable and unrecoverable. Operation is extremely simple for instance, it only requires a press of a button. After that, the cycle time is five seconds.

This degausser is our most affordable entry-level degausser on the market.

In addition, the degaussing strength is strong enough to meet the requirements of the National Institute of Science and Technology, as well as the United States Department of Defense.

However, the 105 drawer degausser is not NSA approved for classified secret or top-secret data destruction. In other words, the information on the hard drives are most certainly rendered on recoverable, and it satisfies all HIPAA and factor requirements. For instance, the 105 Drawer Degausser above all, secure and cost-effective way of destroying proprietary information that companies may have.

Basic Specs of the Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Drawer Degausser


Magnetic Field Intensity:  Up to 5,000 Oe
Magnetic Flux Density: 15,000 Gauss (1.5 Tesla)
Erasure Cycle Time: Less than 5 seconds
Power/Amps: 8 @ 120 Volts, 4 @ 240 Volts
Erasure Capabilities: – Disk: L-5000 Oe (longitudinal) P-5000 Oe (perpendicular) – Tape: 2800 Oe
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Dimensions: 12″H x 12″W x 20″L
Weight: 48 lbs.

Features of our Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Degausser


Destruction of confidential, sensitive and classified data in accordance with recognized standards
Provides compliance under FACTA, HIPAA, GLB, DPA, etc.
Meets data sanitization standards set by NIST and the US Department of Defense
Will erase any hard drive or magnetic media up to 5,000 Oe that fits into the drawer (1″ x 4.3″ x 6″) including laptop, desktop, and network hard drives
Automatic on/off operation
Lightweight and perfect for tabletop or floor operation
Operates at altitudes up to 25,000 feet
Made in the USA

Watch our demo video here:

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