Cross Cut Shredder vs. Strip Cut: What You Need to Know


Buying a shredder might not seem like an important decision, but there are actually quite a few things to consider.

Afterall, you might be getting rid of sensitive information.

But which one is better a cross cut shredder or strip cut shredder. Well, it depends on the type of job you need done.

Read on to learn more.

How to Pick a Paper Shredder?

Before you buy a paper shredder, you need to know they might do the same job but they will give you different results. Consider the following factors:

Choose the cut: Since you’re shredding important documents, security should be your main concern. You need to pick the type of shredder that will provide you the level of security you require.

Safety: Think about safety before you buy a shredder, especially if you’re buying one for your home. Pick one that has a security sensor and shuts off if hands get too close to the shredding mechanism.

Price: Finding a shredder in your price point is easier when you know the types of features you’re looking for. There’s no point in buying an expensive sophisticated shredder if you will only perform routine shredding.

Maintenance: Think about maintenance when you’re looking at paper shredders. Do you want one that you don’t have to change the bag as often? Do you want to be able to quickly resolve paper jams?

Cross Cut Shredder

A Cross cut shredder is often referred to as confetti-cut shredder. It’s the most popular type of shredder to perform mid-level security shredding.

If you know you’ll be dealing with sensitive information such as bank statements, credit card numbers, and personal information, you might want to invest in a cross cut shredder.

Because it shreds the paper in two different ways and much smaller, it often takes a bit longer to shred documents.

You’ll also have to change the bag less often because the paper pieces are much smaller, about 400 pieces.

Strip Cut Shredder

Strip cut shredders don’t provide the same level of security as some of the mid-level shredders.

They cut the paper into strips of about 40 to 50 strips, which means they will get the job done faster.

If you’re not concerned with the level of security, then you can get a strip cut shredder only to get the job done and condense your paper waste. Keep in mind with this type of shredder, it’s possible to piece together the pieces.

Since the mechanism is not quite as complex, they have fewer pieces and require less maintenance. Due to the large pieces of paper, you will have to change the bag more often.

Which Shredder is Right for You?

Remember, strip cut shredders will get the job done faster and will cut into larger pieces. This might not be the right one if you’re dealing with sensitive information.

Cross cut shredders take longer to do the job, but they cut into smaller pieces perfect for shredding bank information.

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