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Buying New Shredders? Here’s Your Buying Guide

In today’s world, your paper documents are just as much of a risk as your digital files.

You need to take their destruction seriously.

This is especially if you have complicated compliance and regulatory document destruction rules.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the main types of paper shredders that you should consider when you’re in the market for new shredders.

Whether for personal or professional use, make sure that you get the products that will protect your data and privacy.

Cross Cut Shredders

If you’re in the market for new shredders, you might consider a cross cut option.

Essentially, these shredders contain multiple blades that quickly turn your documents into tiny squares or diamonds. The documents will end up looking a bit like confetti.

These are affordable.

They can also shred multiple sheets at once, and can usually deal with several different types of paper.

They’re ideal for non-government businesses that don’t deal with intense document destruction regulation.

KeyTape Paper Shredders

Do you work in an industry that still uses KeyTape or film to store essential data and information?

If so, then you’ll likely need a KeyTape shredder.

This is especially true if you work with older documents. It’s also a popular tool for those who deal with classified information in the military.

Look for a model that’s able to slice through a minimum of three inches per second.

Most KeyTape document destroyer are NSA compliant. This means you’ll get the highest security level possible.

They also come equipped with LED lighting. So, you can easily determine when your drawer is nearly full.

Strip Cut Shredders

When it comes to understanding the types of shredders, you’re likely most familiar with strip cut shredders.

These shredders cut documents into longer strips, and offers lower shredder security levels than some of the other options on this list.

Be aware that, in some cases, it might be possible — if time-consuming — to reassemble strip cut documents.

However, if you’re concerned about this?

You can always look for strip cut shredders that create narrower strips. This type of shredder is ideal for smaller businesses with light shredding needs.

NSA Listed Shredders/Destruction Equipment

These paper shredders have actually been evaluated by the NSA.

So, they offer the highest level of document destruction possible.

This is ideal for government and financial industries, and other businesses and entities with government-regulated compliance rules.

In addition to helping you to shred documents, these types of paper shredders can also shred credit cards. They can handle DVDs and CDs, and several other kinds of sensitive media.

Which New Shredders are Right for You?

When you’re in the market for a new paper destroyer, there are a few things you need to think about.

Remember you’ll need to consider what you’re shredding, what it’s made of, how quickly you want the job done, and the overall capacity the shredder can handle.

When you’re ready to browse through lots of different types of paper destroyers, check out our website.

We can connect you with all the shredding and document destruction tools you need.


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