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Benefits of Degaussing a Hard Drive

What is Degaussing?

Degaussing is the process of decreasing or eliminating a remnant magnetic field.  It is named after the gauss, a unit of magnetism, which in turn was named after Carl Friedrich Gauss.

Degaussing is useful for wiping hard drives and erasing data from all forms of magnetic media.

If you have a substantial amount of hard disk drives, tapes, and other forms of magnetic media, the best way to guarantee data erasure is to run the media through a degausser.

General Benefits

Degaussers are convenient machines for organizations that have a need for data destruction. Therefore, if your organization is switching to new computers, a degausser can be a great way to ensure that every hard drive from the old computers gets sanitized properly.

If your organization has more than a few hundred computers, a degausser makes guaranteed safety easy. Rather than spending hours using software to rewrite files, you can simply remove the hard drive and put it through a degausser for 20 seconds.

The amount of time that a degausser could save your IT staff would bring down the time and money cost of data security for your organization.

If your business or organization is required to maintain HIPAA Compliance, FACTA Compliance, or even SOC compliance, a degausser would be the right type of equipment to invest in.

One reason to choose a degausser over all other forms of data destruction would be the fact that degaussers will always wipe a hard drive efficiently. Other forms of data sanitization such as computer programs that overwrite the data don’t guarantee complete data sanitization.

If your IT staffer thinks that smashing a hard drive with a hammer will do the trick, then they’re wrong.

Therefore, it is still possible for crooks to forensically retrieve data from a smashed hard drive.

If you don’t have the means to physically crush hard drives and dispose of the debris, a degausser can be a safe and clean option for media destruction.

How a Degausser Saves Money

  • Degaussers allow the user to erase inoperable hard drives before their release.
  • Degaussing allows users to recycle their old and unwanted hard disk drives.
  • Recycling outdated hard drives is efficient and environmentally friendly.

How a Degausser Saves Time

It will reduce the amount of time and labor resources required to overwrite the information or destroy the magnetic media. It will also eliminate merging client information by degaussing backup tapes for use.

Guaranteed Protection 

  • Provide protection against dumpster divers
  • Avoid media loss during transport
  • Prevent employee theft
  • Take measures against improper media destruction 
  • Use an NSA-listed piece of data destruction equipment




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