Whitaker Brothers: Since 1945

Datastroyer means security. As the featured product line of Whitaker Brothers Business Machines, you know that Datastroyer products are built with high security applications in mind. Here at Whitaker Brothers, we have hand selected some of the finest shredders and disintegrators available, perfecting and fine tuning our family of data destruction products to meet the most stringent quality standards.

Whether you are looking for a personal shredder, an office shredder, a departmental shredder, an industrial shredder or a high security (NSA/DOD approved) shredder, or even a full disintegrator system we invite you to call us and ask for recommendations.  All of our paper shredders and disintegrators come with our 65+ years of data destruction experience and excellent customer service.

Whitaker Brothers Business Machines has been a leader in providing quality products and service in the data destruction industry since 1945. Our goal is to provide you with the same superior paper shredders (High/Medium/Low Volume), high security shredders NSA/DOD Approved), disintegrators, granulators, and multimedia destruction devices that we have provided our customers for over 60 years. Our website can help guide you through the process of selecting the proper product for your unique needs. We also feature supply items such as shredder oil, bags, and automatic oilers to keep your paper shredder at optimal efficiency. With our extensive product selection, we can supply a product that fits all of your paper shredding, high security, disintegrator and granulator needs.

Please take the time to browse our catalog of paper shredding, high security, disintegrator, and granulator products featured on our website. Whitaker Brothers has one of the most experienced sales staff in the industry. We strongly advise you to speak with one of our paper shredding and disintegrator specialists for a custom solution for your unique needs. We are waiting for your call.

All of our paper shredders, high security shredders, disintegrators, and granulators come with a one-year factory warranty. Take the advice of thousands of satisfied Whitaker Brother customer’s and take the guesswork out of buying a shredder and call our knowledgeable staff at 1-800-243-9226.

 “Whitaker Brothers has been shredding the way to your security for over 60 years.”