5 Tips for Choosing the Right Paper Shredders


Did you know that 41 million Americans have been victims of identity theft?

That’s pretty scary, and it becomes even more worrying when you run your own business.

Luckily, investing in a high-quality shredder can reduce your risk of falling victim to crime, providing you with some much-needed peace of mind.

Confused about what kind of shredder you need?

Keep reading for five tips on choosing the right paper shredders.

1. Decide Between Strip Cut and Cross Cut

As the name suggests, a strip cut shredder will divide your documents into thin strips of paper, while a cross-cut shredder will cut them into small pieces.

That means that a cross-cut shredder provides greater security, with no risk of anyone being able to piece documents back together to glean information.

If you work in a high-risk industry where security is important, it’s best to opt for the cross-cut variety. If you want a shredder that’s faster and cheaper, but not as secure, choose strip cut.

2. Check the Security Level

Did you know that shredders have different security levels?

That’s right – and looking at the levels before you buy makes it easy to choose the right product.

Level one is a low-security option that’s good for destroying junk mail, but not high-security documents. Levels two and three are good for more sensitive personal documents, while four and five should be used for financial records.

Knowing what you’re planning to shred helps you make the right choice.

3. Choose the Right Capacity

What volume of paper are you looking to shred?

The occasional piece of junk mail, or thousands of files each day?

Your answer will help you decide on the right capacity. For small jobs, a tabletop shredder could be ideal. For larger batches, look at heavy-duty and industrial shredders.

4. Look for Safety Features

Paper shredders are highly-effective, but can also be dangerous – particularly when they’re shared by multiple employees in an office.

Look for safety features like a lock to prevent use of the machine by unauthorized people, and sensors to deactivate the machine if anything becomes trapped inside.

It’s your duty to provide a safe workplace for staff, so don’t ignore safety features.

5. Consider Multimedia Shredders

What if you want to shred more than just paper?

You can!

It’s now possible to buy shredders which can cut through cardboard, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, and more. If your company deals with sensitive media in a variety of formats, investing in a multimedia shredder is a smart move.

How to Shop for Paper Shredders

Shopping for paper shredders doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Before you start browsing, make a list of requirements, including the type of cut, security level, safety features, and multimedia capabilities. Keep this close by as you start to shop, and create a shortlist.

Keep your budget in mind, and prioritize your requirements if you can’t afford everything you want.

You’ll have the perfect shredder in no time.

Want more tips on destroying sensitive data? Check out our blog today.


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