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5 Benefits of a Cross Cut Shredder


The main reason why people buy shredders is for information protection. Business owners, executive managers, and entry-level personnel alike all have a corresponding duty to both, responsibly keep company information safe and client information safe.

But, not just any shredder will do. It’s worth looking into all the various kinds of shredders available and the benefits that each one can offer before making your decision. The most common kinds of shredders are strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut shredders. However, as you will find, cross cut shredders offer some of the benefits that come with the less expensive strip-cut shredder, and the high security micro-cut shredder.

Keep reading to discover in more detail the benefits a cross-cut shredder can offer.

1. Security

A cross-cut paper shredder doesn’t mess around when it comes to security. It creates tiny pieces of paper out of large documents, making it incredibly difficult for someone to piece these strips back together.

A strip-cut, on the other hand, creates bigger strips of paper. Someone could much more easily have a chance of piecing together and making sense of a document that’s been strip-cut rather than cross-cut. Not to mention, the smaller the shreds, the better you are able to meet compliance requirements within certain industries. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

2. Building Trust

Because information safety matters to your clients as much as it does within your company, it’s a very big deal when that trust is broken. The last thing you want is an information breach on your hands. This could potentially create a scandal and possibly compromise your company’s ethical standing so much that it could take years to bounce back from.

By maintaining the proper security procedures, though, you’re able to continue building trust. This goes for the clients you already have and those you’re interested in adding to your sales funnel. Trust and security can be a big selling point when you have a consistent track record of being able to follow through. With our NSA tested paper shredders, we can definitely help with that very important component.

3. Saving Time

Another benefit of using a cross-cut shredder is all the time it saves! When you use a shredder that creates bigger strips, the wastebasket fills up quicker. This could mean you’re walking to and from the trash bin multiple times a day. Add in the time it takes to remove the waste from the shredder and put in a new bag, and you’re wasting a significant amount of time completing minor tasks. Not with a cross-cut shredder, though. These high volume shredders allow for smaller pieces of paper to fill shredder bags at a much slower rate!

4. Lowering Costs

In addition to saving time, you can also save a significant amount of money! This benefit is available with a cross-cut shredder for a few reasons.

First off, these heavy-duty shredders are incredibly durable. It’s likely to last you a few years, especially if you take good care of it.

Moreover, making shredding a part of your daily routine now helps ensure you don’t end up with a lawsuit or large fine on your hands. While there are other actions you can take to boost company security, it pays to cover all your bases.

5. Ease of Use

The final reason to get a cross-cut shredder is because of how easy it is to use! When you realize how simple it is to shred something rather than have to lock a bunch of information away, shredding becomes a no-brainer.

This one practice can create many benefits for your business and your clients. It keeps everyone happy, safe, and better focused on more important matters.

Realize the Benefits of a Cross-Cut Shredder for Yourself

If you don’t have a shredder in your office yet, you need one right away. Might as well make it a cross-cut shredder! Although there are other options available, this may be the cost-effective high security shredder that you’re looking for.

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