3 Ways To Take Preventative Measures Against Data Breaches

Data breaches are less costly when preventative measures are put into play.

This list contains ways to physically control a data breach, as well as digital measures to take to prevent a data breach.


1. Don’t Leave Secure Documents On Your Desk

This one seems obvious!

The fact is that many people leave everything from client data (that contains personal information) to the password for their own computer on display in their workplace.

If the document is needed at a later time, then it is important to keep documents with (PII) Personally Identifiable Information in a locked cabinet when not in use.


One problem that a lot of workplaces encounter is stockpiling physical documents.

The best way to deal with this issue is to scan documents for digital storage, and then shred the documents using a cross-cut shredder.


2. Protect Your Passwords With MFA

MFA stands for multi-factored-authentication.

There are a few ways to allow for multi-factor-authentication when you sign in to your email account or most other applications that you use for business.

MFA methods include SMS codes, phone calls, backup emails, and MFA apps that provide codes.

Multi-factored-authentication doesn’t guarantee that your password can’t be hacked, but it improves the likelihood that your account is secure by ten-fold.


If you are concerned about breached email passwords, it’s possible to sign your organization up for dark web monitoring that identifies stolen passwords being sold on the dark web in real-time.


3. Security Awareness Training

As it turns out, you can spend a lot of money on firewalls or other security services and still have a data breach because of human error.

One of the more common types of attacks that are caused by human error is phishing attacks.

A phishing attack is a fake email that is meant to look real that lures people into clicking a link that is contained in the body of the email.

Once the user clicks the link, they are at risk of getting their data stolen.


One way that organizations can prevent their employees from clicking phishing emails is through running phishing simulations to train their employees on how to identify threats.

Here is a free quiz that can help you get real-time insight into your security vulnerabilities: Take The Quiz!


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