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3 Reasons Why Secure Hard Drive Destruction Benefits Your Business


If you’ve been in business for some time, you know that keeping up with technology is the key to success. This means that either your equipment will get damaged or you’ll need to replace it with newer technology. You’ll end up having hard drives hanging around that turn into a ticking bomb.

No, we aren’t going overboard…

Did you know that old hard drives could turn into a data breach? 

Yes, a damaged or old hard drive lying around is a data breach hazard.

How can you prevent this? 

You can establish your own in-house protocol to deal with old and damaged hard drives.

Secure hard drive destruction should be part of your protocol. Want to know why it will benefit your business? Keep reading to learn more!

Secure Hard Drive Disposal: Is It That Important?

You might be thinking that your business budget can’t afford to invest in secure hard drive destruction. But, you should consider adding it to your regular operations. This way you’ll have a system in place to protect your business and customer’s data.

If you look at the problems data breaches can bring to your door, the price of the destruction of hard drives out weight the benefits. Here are 3 reasons why secure hard drive destruction will benefit your business:

1. Data Breach Avoidance Protocol in Place

If you add the destruction of hard drives to your operations, you’ll have a data breach avoidance protocol in place. It may not seem like much but it will matter when it comes to audits. Regulators will see that customer data is a serious matter for you.

It is especially good if you destroy your hard drives or solid-state drives within the confines of your organization.

Outsourcing hard drive destruction opens your organization’s data to other entities and can be expensive depending on the size of your organization.

If you are a bank, a large corporation, a hospital, or any other business, investing in your own data breach protocol can be a lifesaver.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Recent regulatory changes put all the data protection burden on businesses. 

Purchasing a machine such as a degausser or a hard drive crusher can help your business remain compliant with federal regulations. If your company is taking data security seriously, then your business has less risk of compromising consumer or employee information.

Laws like the GDPR ask you to get consent from your clients after the regulation came into effect.

This means that the regulators can fine you if they find an old hard drive with GDPR non-compliant information. This won’t happen if you include secure hard drive destruction as part of your operations.


3. Prevent a Costly Breach

Data breaches are very costly to companies because they are held fully responsible for the damages. A machine that destroys hard drives through degaussing or crushing may seem like a large business expense, however, it is your old data that is the true liability.

Spending a little bit of money now on data security can save a company millions of dollars later.

Don’t forget that it is very easy for a thief to recover data from your old hard drives!

How To Dispose of a Hard Drive Securely?

Disposing of your old and damaged hard drives shouldn’t be difficult. To do it right, you will need to either wipe the hard drive clean with a degausser machine or crush it with a hard drive crusher. 

If you only need to get rid of hard drives temporarily you can also rent a machine to guarantee that the data is handled properly in-house.

Before hiring a company, we recommend that you look into the cost-benefit analysis of purchasing a degausser versus continuously hiring a third-party to take care of your hard drives 

If you invest in your own machine or rent one, you’ll have a secure hard drive disposal protocol in place.

Need secure hard drive destruction products or rentals? We can help!

Contact us for more information about our products.

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