Paper & CD/DVD Shredders

Datastroyer paper shredders have been evaluated and tested for the highest level of durability. Our shredders carry the Datastroyer Seal of Quality. For Government and Defense Contractors, our high security paper shredders have been tested by NSA to meet or exceed all levels of classified paper destruction requirements. Our paper shredders also come in cross cut or strip cut models.

Hard Drive & SSD Destruction

Paper shredders are no longer enough to ensure that your company information is safe. DVDs, CDs, floppy disks, thumb drives, backup tapes, and hard drives all need to be shredded, disintegrated, erased, or destroyed to ensure complete security. To meet this need, Datastroyer brings you specially engineered data destruction equipment to handle any and all media types.

Disintegrators for Mixed Media

Ask us about the industry leading data destruction equipment technology that is built into every one of our Datastroyer Disintegrators. We have disintegrators that will match almost any data destruction need. Some common applications include paper, DVDs, CDs, thumb drives, memory cards, cell phones, backup tapes, hard drives and much more.

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Datastroyer® Data Destruction Equipment

Paper Shredders, Disintegrators, Office Disintegrators, Media Destruction Devices, and Other Data Destruction Equipment

Paper shredders, disintegrators and granulators, office disintegrators and other data destruction equipment is who we are. As one of the oldest and most authoritative data destruction experts, our recommendations come from our 65 plus years of ongoing quality assessment and performance evaluations. Our paper shredder lineup has the most heavy duty and durable office shredders anywhere. All of our disintegrators and granulators are industrial grade and known for their unmatched efficiency and throughput. Our office disintegrators harness the flexibility of full size disintegrators in an office environment.

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High security shredding is a requirement for sensitive information. Level 6/P-7 shredders are the most advanced available, and the only shredders to satisfy NSA requirements for the destruction of secret and top secret data.

Oil, Bags, and Other Supplies

Shredder oil from Whitaker Brothers helps prevent shredder jams and extends the life of your shredder by years. Using shredder oil to help maintain your shredder keeps the shredding head lubricated while washing the blades of paper buildup and dust particles. Cross cut shredders and high security shredders perform at their best while lubricated with shredder oil. Keep shredder bags in stock to eliminate downtime. Our shredder bags are made of heavy duty plastic to help eliminate bag tears and messy cleanup.
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Datastroyer by Whitaker Brothers
Datastroyer by Whitaker Brothers

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