Datastroyer 101-CD NSA Evaluated to Destroy CDs

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MSRP Price $4,045.77

Government Price: $ 2,240.65Request a GSA Shredder Price Quote
Commercial Price: $ 2,397.50Request a Commercial Shredder Price Quote


Residue Type  Optical Media 04-02
Residue Size  Powder
 1 CD per Pass
Throat Width  ---
Speed  4-5 second cycle time
Motor (hp)  ---
Power  115V / 60 Cycle
Weight (lbs.)  15 lbs.
Dimensions 6.5"H x 12.5"L x 11.5"D
 Download Spec Sheet on the 1010 MS NSA Approved Shredder

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Features include:

  • Hardened aluminum and steel internal parts
  • Precision long-life cutting system
  • Total security because you NEVER lose sight of your disk!
  • Retains inner hub serial number for destruction verification
  • Power-failure safe - you can pull the CD out if electricity fails
  • Alternate voltages available
  • Options include: emergency battery back-up, customized
    carrying cases, self-cleaning system and external heavy duty vacuum system.

Product Description

The Datastroyer 101-CD has been evaluated by NSA and has been proven to meet the requirements of NSA/CSS specification 04-02 for Optical Media Destruction for ALL types of CDs.

The Datastroyer 101-CD has been rated at a destruction rate of 300 pieces per hour by NSA. The 101-CD has special features that set it apart from competitor models. Specifically the housing is made of metal. There are no plastic pieces involved yet it only weighs 15 pounds. It creates a very durable unit. Secondly, it retains the inner hub of the CD that contains the serial number of the disk. You now have backup proof that the information slated for destruction was in fact destroyed. Thirdly, you never lose sight of the disk during the destruction process providing complete security. And lastly, the destruction cycle only takes 4-5 seconds 5 X faster than competitor models. The Datastroyer 101-CD is available in international voltages in addition to the standard 115V, 60 cycle. The Datastroyer 101-CD also and can be purchased with an optional deployment case.

* Please note, capacity varies with grain, size, quality & paper weight and sufficient power supply.

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User reviews

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Great little device and surprisingly durable for the price. We've gone through a couple different methods of destroying our CD's and it's nice to find something that actually works exactly as advertised. Two minor words of warning though - It makes a some noise so I generally use it around 5:15 when everyone has left the SCIF. And also it isn't a big fan of CD's with adhesive labels on them. In the rare occasions that those pop up I have to soak them overnight and peel off the label in the morning. Great machine!
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Reviewed by C. Reynolds
May 19, 2010
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