Datastroyer Disintegrators

Whitaker Brothers Datastroyer Disintegrators excel because of our open rotor system which allows for more air flow through the cutting chamber, less heat build up and a much higher productivity and we are the ONLY one among the industry leaders that have the NEMA 12 rating.
A NEMA 12 rating means that it provides protection against falling dirt, against circulating dust, lint, fibers, and against dripping and light splashing of liquids. Manufacturers other than Whitaker Brothers are only rated NEMA 1 which does NOT protect against circulating dust, lint, fibers and also does NOT protect against dripping and light splashing of liquids. It is vital when operating a disintegrator system that you have the NEMA 12 protection.
We here at Whitaker Brothers have taken the time to re-design the “old” standard solid rotor, NEMA 1, low HP evacuation systems to assure that the industry has the most productive and highest quality systems available on the market

Datastroyer 120 Disintegrator

The Datastroyer 120 Disintegrator is ideal for secure areas where space is at a premium. The 120 offers a 10HP motor, 10 by 12 inch throat size, and can destroy mixed media up to 450 lbs. per hour. Included in the price is our V-1 Vacuum System and is easily upgradable to one of our other evacuation system.
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Datastroyer 210 Disintegrator

The Datastroyer 210 disintegrator can disintegrate up to 525 lbs/hr, giving it the highest throughput of any disintegrator in its class. The 210 has a 12 by 16 inch throat and a soundproofed base. The 210 comes standard with a Whitaker FC-1 Fan Cyclone waste evacuation system, with additional upgrades available.
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Datastroyer 310 Disintegrator

The Datastroyer 310 is built to destroy up to 1,400 lbs. of material per hour. The throat size of the 310 is 14 x 24 inches. This disintegrator comes standard with a 7 blade cutting system and the X-3 Twin Bag evacuation system for efficient and powerful removal of disintegrated material.
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Datastroyer DCS 100

The Datastroyer DCS 100 is an office disintegrator designed to destroy mixed media. Its 2 x 9 inch feed slot excepts DVDs, Cd's, Memory Sticks, backup tapes, floppy discs, microfilm, paper, and much more. The DCS 100 is fully enclosed sound reducing cabinet.
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Datastroyer DCS 300

The Datastroyer DCS 300 Office Disintegrator uses pre-shredding technology to greatly increase the performance of paper disintegration. Like the DCS 100, the DCS 300 also contains a media feed slot for destruction of mixed media.
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Datastroyer DCS 600F

The Datastroyer DCS 600 is our largest office disintegrator. This model offers a one-micron air filtration system. It comes with an enhanced evacuation system with a residue collection view-port. This disintegrator works well in an office environment.
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Datastroyer 440 Disintegrator

The Datastroyer 440 Disintegrator uses a 40 HP motor and an open, 5 knife rotor system to disintegrate up to 2,000 lbs. per hour. The 440's 16 by 28" throat allows for greater pass through of materials. The 440 weighs in at approximately 3,400 lbs. but is able to roll on casters for improved maintenance.
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Datastroyer 360B / MC

The Datastroyer 360B / MC utilizes a master control system, integrating powerful features such as evacuation systems and conveyors in a single control panel. The 360B can disintegrate materials up to 2,200 lbs. per hour, and has 60 HP.
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Disintegrator Supplies

We have a large supply of high quality disinintegrator parts and supplies. We offer disintegrator knives, evacuation system bags. We also offer many performance enhancing additions such as feed rate meters, conveyors, bricketters, etc.
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